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Basement & Crawl Space Services

Basements and crawl spaces are often a hidden part of your home. That is why problems can go undetected for some time. When your basement or crawl space needs attention, Midwest Fire and Flood leverages our 15-years of construction experience to address common issues.

Our basement and crawl space services include:

  • Encapsulation 

  • Structural repairs

  • Installation of vapor barriers 

  • Winterization

  • Waterproofing

  • Sump pump installation

Project Management

To provide our clients with peace of mind, Midwest Fire & Flood assigns a project manager to every initiative. You will have a single point of contact to answer your questions, address your concerns and keep you updated on our progress.  The project manager will also schedule and manage any third party vendors, such as mold and air quality testing companies. We make your emergency repair project turnkey and worry-free. 

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